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TECH You've already given Facebook permission to listen to your conversations

SCIENCE Bacteria to be used as 'living ink' on humans and may be capable of detecting cancer early

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SOCIETY London's famous 'Old Spitalfields Market' outright bans the sale of all animal fur

SPACE NASA funded Simulations show how cataclysmic collisions delivered precious metals to the early Earth

MUSIC Moose Blood are back with new single 'Talk In Your Sleep'


SCIENCE New research suggests Dogs can actually smell human emotions

SCREEN Horror at the Oscars

SOCIETY Will Universal Basic Income eradicate global unemployment and save society?

FUTURE Atlas is the new generation of advanced humanoid that will be replacing most of the human race very soon

MUSIC Glassjaw release their first album in 15 years We take a look at the band's influence and Material Control

GAMING Square Enix tease further Deus Ex games are currently in development

SOCIETY Maybe it's time to stop your dietary judgements and start thinking about the bigger picture?

SCIENCE 12 year study shows dog owners are 30 percent less at risk of death from Cardiovascular disease

SCIENCE Can sea vegetables provide a global sustainable form of agriculture?

TECH Could the Tesla PowerWall provide free clean green unlimited energy for every home on the planet?

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PODCAST Murderinos - Women and True Crime Podcasts These show's are more than just a podcast

SOCIETY Selling London’s vulnerable and homeless for thousands of pounds in the name of postmodernism

TECH The future is electrifying The future is Tesla and The future is here!

MUSIC Pianos Become the Teeth return with new track 'Charisma'

CULTURE Whatever Happened to Selling Out & youth culture?

SCREEN The Sinner - Just who is the title referencing in this dark thriller

SCREEN The Haunted House - Winchester The House That Ghosts Built

SCIENCE ESA reports positive global recovery of Earth's once depleting ozone layer after 30 years of research

SPACE NASA and Caltech JPL may have discovered Exoplanet with atmosphere similar to Earth

SCIENCE The Rejuvenating Power Of Your Saliva and other interesting benefits

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SOCIETY China adopts a Black Mirror style credit score system. Appease government values or pay the price

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SCIENCE Can lab grown mosquitoes approved for release in the US to combat disease actually work?

SPACE Asteroids are photobombing the Hubble space telescope as it tries to snapshot galaxies

FESTIVAL Welcome To Rockville Festival lineup announced and we’re going back to the 90’s kids!

GAMING RDR 2 & Grand Theft Auto 6 set to be ruined with in-game microtransactions just like Grand Theft Auto 5

MUSIC Watch Architects cover Nirvana's 'Territorial Pissings' live from BBC Radio 1 Rocks

SCIENCE Why are we obsessed with having silky smooth skin? The latest theories on why we lost our fur

MUSIC When darkness meets light Code Orange brings their monstrous experimental prowess to the Alt-J front

SCIENCE MIT Professor Develops method to slow cognitive impairment caused by Alzheimer’s & restore memory

MUSIC The Used release conceptual yet interestingly dramatic video for their new single 'Rise Up Lights'

SPACE Scientists make new discovery as to why black holes release light through hot plasma gas

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SPACE Researchers at NASA have discovered an Ice cloud on Saturn’s Moon Titan above the South pole

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RANT The rise of modern slavery featuring a headset covered in Sharon’s 3 day old fucking scabby makeup

SCREEN Has ‘Patient Seventeen’ actually given us any credible proof for the existence of Extraterrestrial Life?

MUSIC Rolo Tomassi return with a bang in their menacing new track 'Rituals'

NEWS UK launch petition calling for the government to legalize marijuana