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MUSIC ‘Crushing yet flourishing’ FJØRT delivers unique and tasteful ideas with album Couleurs

Published 30 Jan 2018 11:23AM

Words by Calum Sayer | Staff Writer

German trio FJØRT released their fourth album titled ‘Couleurs’ at the end of 2017, providing a hefty 11 track (14 with the bonus edition) progression into their still young career.

With only being the fourth release in their career ‘Couleurs’ showcases what the band has achieved so far and the potential that they possess, showcasing new concepts mixed with some familiar ones.

The album provides the exemplar in post-hardcore, it mixes the hectic moments with the melodic and sombre moments, what ‘Couleurs’ proves is that there is room to experiment and the album provides the listeners with new and refreshing ideas.

Right off the bat listeners will notice that the entire album is in Fjørt’s native tongue; German. To a genre that has been dominantly Americanized listeners may be warned off by the language barrier. Beyond the artistic or cultural reason behind this, the language elevates the album, mixing what can be, tonally, a naturally aggressive-sounding dialect with a genre that definitely has its passionate and emotional moments.

How does the album hold up solely as a post-hardcore album? It certainly does provide an interesting selection of tracks that do stand out in a genre that is usually very accessible with a multitude of artists to choose from. ‘Couleurs’ fantastically manage to provide unique ideas that other bands in the genre should take a note of.

‘Couleurs’ provides a mixture of crushing yet flourishing tracks with diversity of elements, an album which includes songs such as ‘Sudwarts’ which fans of The Ghost Inside and classic Capsize can latch on to with some punishing riffs.

The pacing within some of the tunes such as the title track provides breathing space between instrumentation allowing different instrumentation of the ensemble to have its moments, whilst also preventing clustering of the multiple parts.

Some of the tracks on this album hit the standard of post-hardcore, providing those signature riffs with melodic passages that any alternative connoisseur will enjoy – and the riffs are indeed epic!

As the album picks up, however, a more experimental nature appears within Fjørt's songwriting, listeners will notice the electronic elements in tracks such as Eden, which become more apparent and incidental in the latter half of the album.

One of the highest points of the album is the transition between ‘Mitnichten’ to ‘Raison’, which is executed flawlessly and could almost act as a two-part song; especially how the two songs contrast, with ‘Mitnichten’ being cryptic yet hectic and progressing into a spacious electronic passage acting as an intro to the contemporary and atmospheric ‘Raison’.

Within the 11 tracks, fans and newcomers alike are exposed to dynamic and textural varieties, mixing grand and soaring melodies such as Windschief & Fingerbreit and in particular ‘Magnifique’, which stands out as the radio-friendly track which just like the aforementioned track features a majestic hook and is done rather gracefully: All the way to the darker and more chaotic tunes in the previous half of the album.

The album escalates, and the latter half features the more adventurous and exploratory tracks – arguably, the strongest part of the album.

Songs such as ‘Bastions’ can contend against some of the melodic-hardcore giants and provides some of the strongest emotive conveyances and graceful songwriting on the album – and subsequently one of the most bolstered moments on the album, and ‘Zutage’, whilst not as strong as ‘Bastions’ also carries on these ideas.

The album closes with the down-tempo and conclusive ‘Karat’, which again carries on the emphasis of melodic elements of the prior tracks but cultivates all the ideas that have been experimented with throughout the album and melds them together and ends the album just as monumental as the start of the album.

‘Couleurs’ is a tasteful and convincing progression in the early days of Fjørt’s career, the album holds on its own. The 11 tracks provide an example of what post-hardcore should sound like, whilst exploring unique ideas and perspectives in a tasteful manner in a way that other heavier artists could not execute, one of the only flaws is that the album does not explore these nearly enough, and these ideas certainly have a lot of potential. However, one might hope that in their ever-growing career that these ideas are fully fleshed out and provide a truly original experience in the future.

‘Couleurs’ is currently available now on all major music platforms.




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