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SOCIETY Donald Trump interview with Forbes scored a literacy level of a 7th grade 12 Year Old

Published 09 Jan 2018 11:23AM

Words by AC Speed

Many politicians, celebrities and most of the general public have voiced their unwavering opinion of the current President of the United States of America, and his apparently uncontrollable stupidity demonstrated through his actions and his behaviour when addressing the American public from the White House, or anywhere for that matter.

The fact that a man in charge of one of the most politically influential countries on the planet - with access to Nuclear weapons - regularly calls people, nations, organisations and opposition “total losers” on the social media platform Twitter, is quite frankly preposterous and almost inconceivable.

This childish behaviour alone is enough to bring into question his true intellect and understanding of the world around him.

Don’t worry though, he’s already assured everyone he is a genius. He actually said that, QUOTE “I am a very stable genius”.

We decided to run a transcript of an interview he participated in with Forbes Magazine, in October of last year, through the Dale-Chall readability test. The test, designed by Dr Jeanne Chall (Harvard Graduated Psychologist) and Professor Edgar Dale evaluates an individuals level of literacy and reading comprehension.

The result?

A literacy level equaling that of a 7th-grade child, a 12-year-old. It’s great that he can appeal to the younger generation so easily, however, it doesn’t instill a great deal of confidence in anybody knowing that one of the most powerful humans on the planet, when discussing potentially globally destructive topics such as war, economics, climate change, does so with the articulation of a school child.

This is our generations armageddon.



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