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I still finished in 20th place on PUBG with no weapons stuck in a building. Here are my final dull naked moments

Published: 20 MAR 2018 08:49AM

Words by AC Speed | Senior Editor

I’ll admit, I’m not amazing at PUBG, but I do love going for that chicken dinner, of which, I’ve managed to achieve only 3 out of about 500 games. Some games I get zero kills, some games I get 7 or 8, some games I become stuck in a building due to the map not rendering too quickly.

Usually, when this happens, someone comes along and blows my head off whilst I’m stuck in a door, or I've managed to somehow become trapped in a toilet whilst frantically loading a shotgun.

On this occasion, however, I landed in the military zone and waited a few seconds to see if the building would render. Someone was hot on my tail so I thought, fuck it, I’ll jump into one of the rooms on the lower level and see if I can grab a gun and some ammo to defend myself. That was a mistake.

I died a slow painful naked death trapped in between a room and the stairs, in some sort of PUBG purgatory. I tried jumping, climbing, crawling and spinning around like a chimp to get out. Nothing worked.

I thought luck may be on my side and I might end up close to the final circle, which wasn’t too far from my sights. Although I didn’t get a ‘Passive stuck in a building naked chicken dinner’, I still placed 20th!

You can watch my final moments below.


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