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Karolinska Institutet in Sweden issue new grants to remove animal experimentation from research

Published: 21 MAR 2018 08:18AM

Words by Huey Emmerich | Staff Writer

THE SCANDINAVIAN university based in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, has issued new research grants to 14 different projects and 3 researchers for the sole purpose of providing funding for research that excludes all animal testing.

"It feels great to receive a grant that is so clearly aimed at the goal of replacing animal experiments." Hanna Karlsson, KI’s Institute of Environmental Medicine.

The grants have been issued to Ewa Eliis of KI’s Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology (CLINTEC) who will receive SEK 200,000 (18K-20K $/£) for her project on Large-scale production of human liver spheroids.

Pekka Kohonen of KI’s Institute of Environmental Medicine has received a follow-up grant of SEK 150,000 (14K-18K $/£) for the continuation of his project Deepened mechanistic validation of toxicity pathway functionality in a patented analysis tool for toxicity prediction.

And Hanna Karlsson of KI’s Institute of Environmental Medicine receives SEK 200,000 for the project New cell models for improved assessment of genotoxicity and cancer risk of nanoparticles.

A total of SEK 2.3M (190K-200K $/£) will be distributed to 14 projects in total with the aim of funding research that excludes all animal experimentation.

"I have great hopes that it will prove possible to develop an improved methodology for health-risk assessment that is based on information from cell studies rather than animal experiments." Says Karlsson.

Whilst this is only a small step to removing animal testing from modern research, it's a huge win for animals and this ethos will hopefully continue to spread throughout the scientific community and the academic world.

Read the full press release here


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