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Gluten might not be the cause of your Celiac Disease

Published: 30 MAY 2018 09:23AM

Words by Nastasha Romanenko | News Editor


Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition that triggers the body's defense system into thinking something is essentially attacking it. This can cause a wide range of symptoms and health issues for people that suffer from this disease.

The most commonly accepted cause for this reaction is a complex of proteins called, 'Gluten' which is found in wheat, barley, and rye. However, scientists still don't know specifically what causes this issue in the bodies digestive system and they still can't confirm that gluten is actually the culprit.

A study published in 2016 tested blood samples from 80 patients who had symptoms after eating wheat, they found that these patients had higher levels of a class of antibody called 'Immunoglobulin M'. The team also found elevated levels of two proteins that indicated an inflammatory response to bacteria.

This means that it may not be gluten itself that is the villain here, rather, another component of the product.

Watch the full video below.

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