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Recently declassified video shows US Navy pilots reacting to a UFO

Published: 28 MAY 2018 09:23AM

Words by Stefanie Joosten | News Editor


CITIZENS all over the globe have been reporting UFO sightings for close to 8 decades since the famous Roswell incident in 1947, where an alleged extra-terrestrial craft crash in the New Mexico Desert. People also reported witnessing strange bodies being recovered from the crash site.

There are many compelling videos circulating on the internet that could easily convince many "believers" that visitors have been watching us for a long time, however, many of them of fake, almost all of them are fake.

However, when the video comes directly from some of the most advanced high-tech military equipment on the planet, it's hard to debunk.

This US military footage was recently declassified and it's hard to deny that what you're seeing, can be explained away easily or by means of earthly technology.

Chances are it's a black military project that is technologically years ahead of the tech we see out in the public domain. Or, it could just be from another world.

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