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SCIENCE A team of scientists in Peru have unearthed several strange human like mummies with only 3 fingers

The specimens indicate a previously undocumented species that could belong to the hominid family or could be a completely new species. They also appear in ancient Mayan petroglyphs.

Published 03 OCT 2017 17:23PM

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When news of a previously undocumented human species being discovered starts to circulate, it can be very interesting. Especially if it helps to describe certain aspects of the evolution of the millions of different primates and animals here on Earth.

When that news also claims to have uncovered bodies that actually look very human like, yet only have 3 fingers and 3 toes, could belong to the hominid family, or could be reptilian, it might be time to put the crackpipe down and go about your day.

However, as we watched more and more of these “updates” that documented scientific findings about the apparent “bodies”, it became very intriguing.

Whilst watching the first report on what the team had found we naturally thought they would soon declare it a hoax. Or like most documentaries, come up with some excuse as to why they can’t perform any analysis to prove what they have found, leaving us all assuming it was a hoax anyway.

This documentary called, ‘Unearthing Nazca’ seems to actually provide scientific evidence for the existence of a previously undiscovered and undocumented human like species found in a tomb in the deserts of Nazca, Peru.

Although the discovery of another human species may not be groundbreaking, as we already know of at least 7 human species that have existed in the past, these bodies only have 3 fingers and 3 toes. They also have quite large, almond shaped eyes and may even be slightly more reptile than human.

Why is this discovery interesting?

Firstly, two of the bodies were found with metal implants placed just below the thorax (chest). Secondly, they have cranial features that display the potential capacity for intelligent thought and finally, they were found mummified.

The reason we specifically draw attention to these points are a simple curiosity to the origin of these creatures.

Dr. José de Jesús Zalce Benítez, National School of Forensic Medicine of Mexico

It would be no surprise to find a new species of animal with only three digits, it is surprising though to find a new species that is human like in appearance, had the brain capacity to carry out implants on each other and also use mummification techniques in the burial process. This demonstrates a high level of intelligence and if it isn’t human, what is it?

If they are NOT part of the hominid family, as the team indicate due to there only being 3 digits on the hand and feet, then what species are they?

Are the 3 digits just a hoax?

The team initially thought that maybe someone had placed fake digits on the body. However, DNA samples were taken from the finger and the back of the body and came back as a match so they are real.

This also means that it was a living being at some point due to it actually having DNA, so not a hoax. Also, carbon 14 testing has been carried out and confirmed the samples range from 245AD to 410AD.

One last thing, these creatures also appear on petroglyphs in the ancient Mayan culture, did these creatures interact with the Mayans?

The documentary so far is up to eight episodes on the streaming channel, Gaia and are free to watch so you can make your own mind up.

Watch a clip of the documentary: Unearthing Nazca Analysis Begins



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