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POLITICS Blue passports are a psychological power play by the Tories to influence the British public

Published 26 DEC 2017 20:23PM

Words by AC Speed

Theresa May knows she is failing miserably as a political figure, as a leader of the conservative party, and as a leader of a torn country. The British public didn’t elect her, we didn’t ask for her policies, and we didn’t ask for a £1 Billion deal with the DUP to help rule our proud nation. Knowing full well, that even those who voted conservative, are now losing what little faith they had left in her leadership, how can she regain some sort of reassuring influence in her party and the nation?

Does it not seem slightly odd that amongst all of the issues we are facing as a nation, millions of children in poverty, a crumbling national health service, a dwindling police force, citizens abandoned in chaotic times of need, medical professionals pushed to the brink of exhaustion on low pay and millions of families using food banks to make ends meet, she decides to spend £500 Million on changing the color of a passport?

Really? The colour of a passport is your top priority here, May?


Although changing the colour of Great British passports to blue might seem like a fairly arbitrary amendment to such an iconic part of many of our lives, does it not seem odd that they are being changed to the same colour as the very colour used by the conservative party? Blue, is not an iconic colour for British passports, it has never been, it never will be.

We see our gold lined, burgundy passport as more than just a holiday ticket. We see it as our right to freedom, our right to immerse ourselves in the culture of Europe, to travel without boundaries. It is a liberating symbol of our society and represents trust, that we share the same freedom with our foreign neighbours to become multicultural and diverse.

When we look at our passport, we see pride, trust and greatness. By changing these to blue, the same colour as the conservative party brand themselves with, they are trying to subconsciously influence the British public into making these values synonymous with their party through the perception of a colour.

It might seem utterly far-fetched and more like an episode of Derren Brown, but colour plays a huge part in many cultures. In Asian cultures, red is a very important colour - it symbolizes good luck, joy, prosperity and celebration. Marketing agencies also spend millions of pounds every year researching colour, and how it affects consumer behaviour.

Why else, in light of the financial difficulty the entire country seems to be facing, would any political party spend £500 Million of taxpayer money to change the colour of a passport? Especially, when we face complete economic uncertainty in the face of Brexit.

Considering the tories basically lie their way through the Houses of Parliament in a quest to do whatever they want to this country so they can all profit from it somehow, would it really surprise you if this was the real reason behind the colour change?

How can ANY leader of a country have the audacity to speak of national pride when they themselves are willing to compromise their own beliefs, by siding with a Northern Irish Nationalist party, just to keep their grip of political power over the United Kingdom.

Incorporating the colour blue into the British psyche, as a representation of trust and freedom, is nothing short of an utterly deceptive tactic to influence the public's view of the tories.

United, we are not. Controlled and manipulated, we are.


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