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TECH Chinese smartphones are faster boast more power better quality & way more stylish than western tech models

It’s time to ditch the overpriced, poor quality brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, HTC & iPhone popular in western markets. Chinese tech, especially Xiaomi, have been well ahead of these junk models for years.

Published 27 SEP 2017 18:23PM

As highstreet mobile companies fight for your business and hard earned cash by trying to offer you the best deals with the most minutes, text & unlimited data to use on the most advanced, top of the range smartphones out there, they are completely blinding you to the fact that the phone you’re about to pay $/£500 for and be stuck with for the next 2 years is utter rubbish.

Big name brands popular in western markets like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG have been shoved into your face for years having you believe you now have the best phone on the planet and nothing can compare to it. Well, unfortunately most phones released in the UK & Europe are so far behind the Chinese tech market you can almost see them being used by Neanderthals.

Chinese models in general are also easier and cheaper to fix if you smash the screen, kill the battery or break other parts. Not to mention just being cheaper overall and we’ll take at look at a comparison next.

The comparison

Xiaomi Mi 2 VS Apple iPhone 8

Release Date
Xiaomi Mi 2: September 2017
Apple iPhone 8: September 2017

Screen Size
Xiaomi Mi 2: 5.99 Inches
Apple iPhone 8: 4.7 Inches

Screen Resolution
Xiaomi Mi 2: 1080 x 2160 pixels (~403 ppi pixel density)
Apple iPhone 8: 750 x 1334 pixels (~326 ppi pixel density)

Xiaomi Mi 2: 64/128/256 GB
Apple iPhone 8: 64/256 GB

Xiaomi Mi 2: 6 GB (8GB also available with 128GB)
Apple iPhone 8: 2 GB

Camera (Main)
Xiaomi Mi 2: 12MP
Apple iPhone 8: 12MP

Camera (Front Facing)
Xiaomi Mi 2: 5MP
Apple iPhone 8: 7MP

Full Spec Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

As you can see the Xiaomi wins by a mile when put up against the new iPhone 8. Now the cost!

A brand new Apple iPhone 8 with ONLY 2GB of RAM & inferior screen res will set you back $699 (£521)
A brand new Xiaomi Mi 2 with 6GB of RAM will cost you $689 (£514)

That’s 3 times the power for LESS MONEY!

And that “new” no border/no edge your smartphone screen has, Xiaomi were the first company to release a phone with this design, in 2016. Apple have now decided a year later they will include this in their “brand new never before seen style of smartphone”. Way to catch up guys.

Essentially, you’re being overcharged for an Apple logo and the same goes for most phones released in the UK & Europe by the big name brands we mentioned earlier, you are simply paying for the brand, not the tech.

Before you get your wallet out for the next “amazing” smartphone to hit the market, shop around for tech from other countries first on site’s like GearBest. The phones all use Android OS, have dual sim that accept all UK & European sim cards, support 100s of languages including English and come unlocked as standard. You can expect a longer battery life as well.



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