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MUSIC Converge must have sold their souls to create The Dusk In Us…

Published 07 NOV 2017 19:23PM

Words by AC Speed

We’ve had to wait five years to hear new material from one of the most innovative hardcore bands around. We’ve also patiently held our breath to see if they could top the critically acclaimed success of their beautifully brutal predecessor, ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’.

In July of this year, Converge finally released their signature battle cry in the form of, ‘I Can Tell You About Pain’, the first single to come from the newly released album.

Not only was this an absolute beast of a song, it was an incredible taste of things to come. A perfect mixture of Bannon’s vicious vocals, Ballou’s satanic string work, Newton’s Banshee inducing bass and Koller’s demonic drum beats.

Little did anyone know just exactly what Converge had in store for us though.

Inaugural track, ‘A Single Tear’ delivers a fast paced, melodic yet hectic look into the monstrous opening of this new album, dauntingly titled, ‘The Dusk In Us’. Echoing Bannon’s well known love of exploring the darkest depths of the human self.

“So lost in darkness, in and out of selfishness
Hoarding all my dreams was just no way to be”

However, after becoming a father and getting married, this album appears to be more of an angry release for Bannon as he looks to stable himself in other aspects of his life. One of the more powerful lyrics Bannon pens is a clear indication of his willingness and want to develop as a person in order to be there for his family.

“When I held you for the first time I knew I had to survive”

Personal developments aside, Converge have yet again proven themselves to be incredible innovators of a genre they have quite frankly dominated for several years. ‘The Dusk In Us’ portrays another reinvention of the hardcore outfits sound.

The band demonstrate this with ease in ‘Under Duress’, another brutal assault on the senses. An epic mix of droning guitars and haunting melodies which brings us onto the eerie title track.

“Dear shattered little girl, this is not the end of your world
It's the beginning of the rest of your life where you do, or you die
It's not a trial but a test, just a broken mirror to reflect
Our denial it speaks in tongues, there's monsters among us”

‘The Dusk In Us’ is driven by emotion and experimentation with a heavy influence of doom. Somewhat of a homage to ‘Coral Blue’ from their previous LP.

We're given hints of straight-up old-school Converge in this record alongside tamperings of a new creative direction for the band. They always manage to seamlessly blend their desire to progress with the classic Converge sound that so many have come to adore over the years.

The stand out track on this album has to be it’s ultimate finale, ‘Reptilian’. A soul destroying audio armageddon. The English language simply does not possess the descriptive words needed to truly instill the fear into your soul this song is capable of.

“We must lose sight of the shore to know what courage means
We must lose sight of who we are to know what we can be
The enemy will not reveal its mortal form to me”

In order to create something as beautiful as this album, they must have sold their souls to the devil himself.

‘The Dusk In Us’ is without doubt the finest record Converge have ever produced. It is a masterpiece. They no longer have peers, only disciples.

Satan out of 10 (Yes, we gave it Satan out of ten)

Converge - "Reptilian" (Full Album Stream)


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