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TECH Could the Tesla PowerWall provide free clean green unlimited energy for every home on the planet?

Published 28 NOV 2017 23:23PM

Words by AC Speed

Tesla motors founded in 2003 by Paypal co-founder, Elon Musk released their first commercially available production car in 2008. The release of a new car is nothing revolutionary in the slightest, however, the release of a publicly available fully electric automobile that can compete with some of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet, is.

The latest Tesla Roadster is now the fastest production car on the planet, and it’s electric! It can hit 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds and travel over 250 mph.

On one full charge alone, the car can take you over 600 miles. Although it will set you back over 200K, it’s an amazing example of the developing green technology on offer in our society.

Musk also has a keen interest in solar power

Musk is the chairman of a renewable energy company called SolarCity that focus on developing affordable solar power for residents all over the United States. Effectively reducing their electricity bills to a few dollars a month, if that.

“When combined with Tesla PowerWall, the solar roof can power an entire home with 100% renewable energy.”

Musk recently acquisitioned SolarCity through Tesla Motors in order to combine these two brands and technological research to develop the Powerwall. A unique, stand alone, 100 percent renewable energy source for every home.

“A self-powered home combines solar energy and Powerwall to independently power your home day and night. During the day, solar panels may produce more energy than your home uses. Powerwall stores that excess solar energy and makes it available on demand, even after the sun has set.”

In theory, it’s a very simple concept. Have the PowerWall installed along with solar panels fitted to your roof and away you go. It will harness the power of the Sun, store the electricity you don’t use and make it available for your home to consume in the future.

As long as the Sun is shining, you can reap the benefits of free, green, clean and unlimited energy to power your home, electronics and even recharge your Tesla car for the school run.

No more electricity bills, no more gas bills and no more damage to the environment. Easy, right?

Can it be done?

Well, yes, as long as you live in a UV ray saturated climate all year round then you have no problem, unless the PowerWall breaks down and you have to call for an engineer. You'll technically be off the grid so no backup power!

Although Tesla offer a ten year warranty on every pack sold, who’s going to risk being powerless for a day or two whilst you wait for someone to come and reconnect you?

Even if Tesla can guarantee an engineer can get to you in an hour, who’s going to take that risk in today’s society of tech addicts?

Most people can’t put a phone down for 30 seconds so imagine the panic that would ensue if an entire family are unable to charge anything in their home.

Considering your entire house needs to be fitted with solar panels, this obviously presents an initial cost for the installation and no doubt maintanence charges which you’d expect from having any new technology incorporated into your property, or elsewhere.

This isn’t quite the free green energy vision we once had of the future. Sure, it’s great for the environment but why would people pay to switch to green? It’s difficult to get most people to pick up their own trash.

Are they going to part with thousands of dollars to stop destroying the globe we hurtle through space on?

Solar power and panels have been around for years yet you hardly see a single house with them attached. This is mainly due to the high cost of installation and the fact they generally don’t generate a great deal of energy, and when the sun goes in your power goes off.

Tesla have a huge battle ahead of them to actually change the stereotypical image of how the public perceive this technology. Even if they HAVE just produced the world's fastest car that runs entirely on renewable electricity.

Elon Musk is a true visionary and he want’s to the change the world. We have no doubt that his mission will convert millions into his new way of thinking and put large proportions of the global population onto this revolutionary, brighter technological path, but his main problem is he has to convince other people to join him, and we all know what “other” people are like, don’t we?

In theory, as the technology spreads, the cost will inevitably go down and become incredibly cheap. However, clean energy is never going to be truly free, but that’s ok. It's a small price to pay.

We’ve quite happily paid for energy that’s destroyed the Earth
so we shouldn't have a problem paying for energy that can reverse that damage.

The Tesla PowerWall is undoubtedly an incredible step forward in helping society rebuild our planet. However, we also need society to take an incredible step forward to want to rebuild that planet.



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