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MUSIC Creeper release new 'Christmas' EP as a gift from them to us

Published 20 DEC 2017 11:23AM

Words by Katie Macbeth

In March, Creeper released their debut album ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ which charted within the UK top 20. Since release, they’ve been touring and have just finished their ‘Theatre of Fear’ UK tour, which saw them play their biggest headline show to date at the Guildhall in Southampton. And on the 8th of December, Creeper released an EP which consisted of 3 Christmas songs.

Christmas music isn’t necessarily for everyone, yet now, thanks to Creeper, even the most emo of us can enjoy Christmas songs.

The opener of the EP is called ‘Same Time Next Year?’ a unique Christmas song which focuses on the downsides of December, and that it’s not the most wonderful time of the year for everyone. The lyrics are full of nostalgia with a warm instrumental, yet still providing the chaos that you’d expect from any Creeper release.

The next 2 songs are covers, the first of which being ‘Fairy tale of New York’. The song was originally released by The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl in 1987 and since has been named the best Christmas song of all time. As popular and legendary as it is, covering this song is a hard thing to ace. Yet Creeper pulled it off applaudably.

Will Gould and Hannah Greenwood appear to be in their element here with effortless vocals and adding the right amount of Creeper’s theatricality, yet still nodding towards the style of the original. The song is instrumentally coherent and a perfect tribute to the Christmas classic.

The last track ‘Blue Christmas’ features mellow vocals and an acoustic guitar. The stripped back version of this song draws the EP to a close.

Overall, the EP provides the warmth and togetherness that Christmas is all about. Yet still sheds a light on the fact that Christmas isn’t the same for everyone. Again, everything Creeper produces is at a high standard and ‘Christmas’ does not disappoint. There’s no better way to capture what has been a remarkable 12 months for the band.



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