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SOCIETY Drowning in a sea of memes Why are we content with Idiocy?

Published 20 NOV 2017 11:23AM

Words by AC Speed

Imagine being born into a world surrounded by knowledge, knowledge that has the potential to help change the very path of the human race. Imagine if we could use this information to shape our own future into becoming the most advanced civilization our Universe has ever laid eyes on. Imagine if we had a tool, some sort of global communication system that enabled us to exchange humanity's deepest evolutionary concepts in the blink of an eye.

Oh wait we do, it’s called the internet but it’s saturated with the hillbillies of the fiber optic superhighway.

We quite literally have a global encyclopedia at our fingertips consisting of some of the most fascinating research and scientific developments our society has ever witnessed, yet social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, twitter and instagram have essentially become global outlets for a who's who's of “Follow Me” morons.

Every single day when we unlock our smart phones, open our laptops or log into our computer a work we have a choice, do we chose to educate ourselves or do we chose to dilute ourselves.

The following comparison should pretty much answer that question. So, let’s give this a little perspective shall we with two examples that couldn’t be further apart.


An extremely popular website showcasing numerous list style articles such as - ‘16 women who had a fulfilling life without children’, ‘29 Products That Will Make You Say Wow, Me’ - or the classic test article - ‘This color test will determine your ideal sexual position’.

Really, you need to take a test for that?


One of the most renowned online publications in the field of scientific research and human development. Stories include - ‘Brain implant boosts human memory by mimicking how we learn’ and ‘Ancient skull from China may rewrite the origins of our species’.

One of these websites has the potential to push forward human thinking and evolution, the other has the opposite effect.

Which one get’s the most hits?

  • Buzzfeed receives around 5.9 Million views per day.
  • NewScientist only racks up around 130K.

  • Let that sink in for a minute. Close to 6 Million people a day would rather look at 16 pictures of women without children as opposed to potentially discovering a way to increase their brain capacity for knowledge and memory.

    On a quick side note, we haven’t specifically targeted childless women, that was literally the top story on Buzzfeed at the time of publishing this article.

    How many people are sharing which article?

    Buzzfeed - '29 Products That Will Make You Say Wow, Me'
    5.5K Social Shares to date.

    NewScientist - 'Brain implant boosts human memory by mimicking how we learn'
    987 Shares to date.

    Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with entertainment, funny articles and lighthearted lists depicting the top ten reasons why you shouldn’t drink pepsi next to a radiator and such, however, this is now becoming the norm.

    This has led to a surge of accounts across social media platforms simply consisting of people trying to create hilarious content in the form of memes and other moronic types of media, such as fake videos portraying people in various fabricated and ridiculous situations in public.

    Quite frankly, these are about as comical as watching Donald Trump become the president of an entire country.

    Our lives are being completely overtaken by dull people and we are contributing to this problem by advocating their content. At first this might not seem like such a big issue and you might be asking yourself, “But it’s just a meme, it’s just a video, it’s just for fun” and you’re right on all counts. However, the normalisation of putting idiots in positions of power has its consequence on society. And a dire consequence at that.

    We now see it as being acceptable that a complete imbecile has been elected to control one of the most influential countries in the world. We shrug it off with a simple, “Can’t believe he got elected”.

    You could easily argue this is because we are now used to seeing idiots at the top of societies hierarchical system.

    And this brings us to the crux of the problem.

    Social media is being overrun with similar idiots in positions of power. People essential becoming popular because they’re morons. This is a very dangerous path to follow as a society, glorifying idiocy.

    It can numb people to the real issues we face.

    Maybe we should consider utilizing the vast global network of lightspeed data connections available at our fingertips to share knowledge, not memes.

    If you’re tired of your newsfeed being littered with utter crap, change it. Start sharing valuable information we can all use.

    You decide.


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