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TECH IBM team up with MIT for new $240 Million Dollar Artificial Intelligence Research Lab in Cambridge Massachusetts

The Lab will work on advancing the development of AI physics & algorithms that will have real world applications including healthcare, cybersecurity and no doubt the videogames industry.

Published 03 OCT 2017 11:23AM

What is AI?

When we think of Artificial Intelligence we often picture highly proficient humanoid robots from Sci-fi films helping the human race to advance the efficiency of daily life, and sometimes, trying to kill us. However, AI has been part of your daily life for years and it can come in a huge variety of forms.

Ever used ‘Siri’ or ‘Cortana’? They use forms of Artificial Intelligence to help you in your everyday life. Although it probably doesn’t seem that amazing that you can shout at your phone demanding it to tell you where you can get your morning coffee, there are a lot of complex algorithms built into this type of software in order for it to “understand” what you’re asking of it.

On the more extreme end of this, there are companies such as Boston Dynamics that have actually created humanoids capable of understanding their environment in order to perform tasks normally carried out by humans. AI also enables robots to develop an understanding of how you communicate with them so they can provide you with more relevant information in line with the topic you introduce to it.

Video games are the best example of AI, specifically first person shooters such as Call of Duty & Battlefield. These games use complex algorithms to pit enemies against you that can learn your gaming style and replicate the way you behave in the game in order to give you a better playing experience, or, more life like.

What Next?

MIT-IBM are currently assembling a team to tackle some of AI’s greatest challenges in this new multi million dollar collaboration, the MIT-IBM Watson AI LAB. The lab want to focus on revolutionary scientific breakthroughs in this field.

What will the MIT-IBM Watson AI LAB research areas will focus on?

AI algorithms

Developing advanced algorithms to expand capabilities in machine learning and reasoning. This involves creating AI systems that move beyond specialized tasks to tackling more complex problems and benefiting from robust, continuous learning. New algorithms that not only leverage big data when available, but also learn from limited data to augment human intelligence are also being explored and invented.

Physics of AI

Investigating new AI hardware materials, devices, and architectures that will support future analog computational approaches to AI model training and deployment, as well as the intersection of quantum computing and machine learning. The latter involves using AI to help characterize and improve quantum devices, and also researching the use of quantum computing to optimize and speed up machine-learning algorithms and other AI applications.

Application of AI to industries

Developing new applications of AI for professional use, including fields such as health care and cybersecurity. We are exploring the use of AI in areas such as the security and privacy of medical data, personalization of healthcare, image analysis, and the optimum treatment paths for specific patients.

Advancing shared prosperity through AI

Exploring how AI can deliver economic and societal benefits to a broader range of people, nations, and enterprises. We are studying the economic implications of AI and investigate how AI can improve prosperity and help individuals achieve more in their lives.

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