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TECH London to New York in 6 hours Paris to London in 28 minutes The future of transportation HYPERLOOP ONE

Futuristic travel is here, at present it takes 12 hours to reach New York from London and approximately 1hour 30 to reach Paris. HYPERLOOP ONE will revolutionise how we connect globally and is the first reform of public transport in over 100 years.

Published 11 SEP 2017 11:23AM

It’s no secret that transportation and travel companies around the globe are constantly trying to develop new ways in which to expedite travel times for passengers. From the long haul flights of the adventurous backpacker, to the quick stop journey of connecting with friends & relatives.

We want to get to our destinations faster than ever before, and whilst modern transportation systems are constantly upgraded to meet this demand, what we really need is a new way of connecting, a revolutionary method to shape the future of travel. Hyperloop One is that revolution solution.

The concept of Hyperloop One is simple, transportation pods that run through a system of tubes making them immune to weather, virtually impossible to accidents and the fastest method of public transport ever developed. They will be automated by the most sophisticated systems on Earth.

Founder Elon Musk says, “The Hyperloop is something that would go, effectively faster than the speed of sound”. The speed of sound is 767MPH (1234KPH) and by today’s standards the fastest mode of transport is commercial jet, generally reaching top speeds of around 600MPH (955KPH). But remember, Musk wants Hyperloop to surpass the speed of sound!

How Hyperloop One's System Becomes Reality

So far, Hyperloop One’s panel of experts in transportation, technology, economics and innovation are considering the following route proposals:

Corsica-Sardina 451 km
Estonia-Finland 90 km
Germany 1,991 km
Poland 415 km
Spain-Morocco 629 km
The Netherlands 428 km
UK North-South Connector 666 km
UK Northern Arc 545 km
UK Scotland-Wales 1060 km

Check any route in the world with the HYPERLOOP ONE ROUTE CHECKER

Obviously the vision is to connect all major cities around the globe and the current proposed routes will connect over 75 million people in 44 cities, spanning 5,000 kilometers. Eventually Hyperloop will be as common as your local railway network, but it might actually be on time, imagine that.

Hyperloop one is still in development in the testing grounds of the Nevada desert so it’s not clear exactly when the company and governments plan to commence production of this technology but be sure we’ll be following the progress closely.


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