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SCIENCE The cost of the afterlife and the Cryogenics company that will bring you back from the dead

Ever wanted to be frozen and brought back to life in the future? Well there’s a company that will do just that, for a price.

Published 13 SEP 2017 10:23AM

The word ‘Cryo’ is simply derived from the greek word ‘Kruos’, meaning ‘frost’ and is related to any process involving cold temperatures. In modern science Cryogenics is “the branch of physics dealing with the production and effects of very low temperatures.”

This isn’t a new concept, it’s been around since the early 60s and is used every single day in 1000s of applications. You no doubt will have heard of liquid Nitrogen and seen it being used in tons of crazy youtube experiments.

So how is this relevant to death?

When the body dies it starts to decompose meaning you essentially turn into mush with absolutely zero chance of ever being brought back to life, so your body is simply disposed of. What if you could stop this process or simply put it on hold until medicine discovers a cure for your illness, or a way to extend your life?

Cryonics is a branch of Cryogenics that tackles this very issue. By it’s definition it means, “the practice or technique of deep-freezing the bodies of people who have just died, in the hope that scientific advances may allow them to be revived in the future”. By freezing the body you effectively put the bodies natural process on hold, quite literally. Cells cannot move so it cannot decompose and is put into a frozen state. Exactly the same reason some food needs to be frozen, to stop it from perishing.

Where do I sign up?

The American based Cryonics Institute (Technology for Life) founded in 1976 offers this very service. They will place your body into a state of deep freeze until such a time where you can be revived and “cured” of your cause of death.

Essentially you sign up for a membership whilst you’re still alive and pay a yearly members fee, then when the time comes for you to meet your demise they come and collect you, place you in a deep freeze and that’s it. The cost of the actual freezing though will cost you between $28000 - $35000 depending on your type of membership.

There’s even an emergency number you need to call when the time comes to be put in the freezer, well, if you’re the one being frozen it’s probably not you making that call.

There’s no guarantee though that you could ever be brought back to life, if a cure is never found for your cause of death then you might stay an ice cube forever. Presumably a bullet to the head would also be pretty impossible to cure.

The question is, would you want to be brought back to life hundreds, maybe even thousands of years in the future?

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