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SPACE Tom Delonge launches Aerospace company with ex CIA & Lockheed directors to develop exotic ufo technology

If the Terminator can become a governor then obviously a rock star can become director of an aerospace company and build exotic craft to travel through space time.

Published 16 OCT 2017 12:23APM

Tom Delonge, formerly of pop punk band Blink 182, is well known to show a huge interest in ufology. More recently he has gone one to make statements regarding the discovery of apparently life changing information based around aliens, life on other planets and advanced time travel technology.

Delonge states he’s seen genuine footage of craft not of this world, and exotic craft back engineered from downed alien spaceships. He told Rolling Stone Magazine back in August of this year, “It would scare people if they knew this existed.”.

Delonge has also made claims that he somehow has access to top secret information that would prove the existence of such technology and alien life but hasn’t shared any of this to date, that we know of. We can only assume he didn’t get this by handing out a few signed copies of Blink 182 albums.

What he has done though is team up with some very reputable people from the world of defence, military and intelligence agencies to form, what he calls, a “public benefit corporation”.

To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science has been founded by the singer to investigate the following areas:

Electrogravitic Propulsion
Analysis centre for UAP’s
Brain Computer Interface
Engineering Space-Time
The goal seems to be to create exotic craft capable of changing the world and allowing people to travel through space time in order to explore the universe, as well as understanding the very nature of human existence.

His team so far is made of ex staff from the CIA, DIA, DOD and Lockheed Martin, also know as The Skunk Works which in the ufology community is believed help to back engineer UFO and create exotic aircraft capable of things such as anti-gravity technology.

B2 Stealth Bomber


One big question for this project we would love for Delonge to answer though is how on Earth does he plan on funding this venture?

Considering the B2 Stealth bomber program cost the American taxpayer approximately $44 BILLION DOLLARS to fund and each aircraft alone would set you back over $700 Million dollars, it seems unlikely the team will be dipping into their own pockets to cover the cost of this wild venture.

To date, the company have raised just over $360,000 dollars in public funding which wouldn’t even cover the cost of a modern jet engine, let alone an advanced never before seen anti-gravity propulsion system.

Although it’s a great idea, in reality, there is absolutely no way this company can find the money needed to develop this type of technology unless they team up with someone like Elon Musk or several billionaires willing to invest all of their capital.

National Security Risk

The other issue they will no doubt face is a very simple one,the American government. The US pumps billions of dollars a year into black projects to keep them a secret in order for new technology to not be stolen by other countries. You can’t just openly start to develop exotic time travelling spacecraft, and not have every intelligence agency in the United States come knocking at your door.

Here is the official launch video for To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science




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