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POLITICS Tories issue insulting statement saying unemployed will get support as they close over 100 Job centres

Tory MP Damian Hinds, responsible for Universal Credit says the government will always be there to help whilst simultaneously closing over 100 job centres.

Published 25 OCT 2017 17:23PM

With the current state of the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) and the Tory government leaving millions of families in debt and poverty, what else have they got in store?

The DWP plan to close over 100 job centers by April 2018. They claim this is so that, “the country will offer a more efficient service, and deliver good value for the taxpayer”.

In order to offer a more efficient service, don’t you first have to actually provide a service that demonstrates some level of efficiency?

And "the taxpayer" could probably get a huge amount of “good value” by not giving 1 Billion Pounds to the DUP, and instead investing it in public services.

Hinds was appointed Minister of State for the Department of Work and Pensions on 15 July 2016. He was elected Conservative MP for East Hampshire in May 2010.

He said in a press release yesterday (24th October), “We will always make sure that people have the support they need to get into and progress within work. These changes reflect the fact that more people access their benefits online resulting in many of our buildings being underused”.

The government has so far closed over 20 offices in Manchester, North Shields, Ebbw Vale, Blackburn, Porthcawl and Canning Town as of August this year.

Job centers are being closed and either “merged” with existing locations or, “Co-location with local authority”.

Future closures include Liverpool, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bristol, Andover, Kingston, Brixton & more. This will no doubt lead to even longer waiting times for those in need and even less resources available for those that require support.

Hinds is also responsible for the disaster that is, Universal Credit. You’ll be pleased to know that before becoming an MP, he spent 18 years working in pubs and the brewing industry so he’s obviously well qualified to help run the country.

Here is the full list of closures


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