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SCIENCE A game designed by astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, suggests we could also be a game built with in a Universe. Is this how we exist?

The game operates using the laws of physics that govern our own existence. It allows you to terraform planets as well as create life from scratch, sounds similar to how we came to be. No?

Published 29 JUL 2017 17:23PM

For centuries we have questioned the origins of our existence, how did we get here? Where did we come from? Did something or someone create us? If so, how and why? Could the very answer be the same reason an astrophysicist has created a game designed to build a universe capable of harboring planets and life? Is this a never-ending pattern of how life is actually created?

It could be!

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a well-known astrophysicist, he’s even had his own TV series about the cosmos in which he speculates the very same questions outlined above. Originally titled, ‘Cosmos’. He has a passion for exploration and he want’s everyone else to be able to join in and learn some physics at the same, sound good?

He has teamed up with some incredible people to bring you, Space Odyssey - The Video Game. Working with names such as, Bill Nye, Janna Levin, Mike Massimino, Peter Beagle, Rob Prior & Len Wein to name a few, it’s sure to be incredible. The game allows you to create your own universe including planets, life, robots, spacecraft & more, all based on our current understanding of physics.

This also raises a very curious concept about how we came to be, and quite a simple one. If we can create a game that allows us to exactly replicate the creation of our own Universe including planets and life, then what’s to say we haven’t been created in the exact same way? Don’t forget, the simplest explanation, is usually the right one.

It’s quite plausible that a being from another Universe in a similar field to astrophysics decided to create a game that could replicate their own Universe, enabling the inhabitants to thrive and evolve amongst the stars. We could very much be the result of that experiment.

With the advanced progress of AI, it’s easy to imagine intelligent artificial life developing inside such a game and then questioning their own origins. Only to build a game of their own that replicates their Universe, and so the cycle repeats creating an infinite multiverse!

There are theories suggesting we could be a holographic simulation or a computer game designed to explore how life evolves. Seems pretty plausible considering we’re doing just that!

We’ll leave you with this.

You decide to buy the game and build your own Universe, from the moment you turn that game on, existence will suddenly come to be, seemingly from nothing. However, when the life you create evolves to such a point that they question their very origins, they will make a startling discovery similar to our own:

"We know how old the Universe is but we don’t know where it came from, or what came before it, it just suddenly came to be."

Are we a computer game? If so, how many points are we on? Do we get an extra life? Are there any bonus missions? Can we restart? What happens if we don’t complete the game?

The game itself has just reached it's goal on Kickstarter and is due for launch in December this year. Wonder if we ever had a launch date?

Have fun trying to sleep tonight. Check out the game!

SPACE ODYSSEY - The Video Game



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SCIENCE A game designed by astrophysicist suggests we could also be a game built with in a Universe

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