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GAMING RDR 2 & Grand Theft Auto 6 set to be ruined with in-game microtransactions just like Grand Theft Auto 5

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SCIENCE MIT Professor Develops method to slow cognitive impairment caused by Alzheimer’s & restore memory

MUSIC The Used release conceptual yet interestingly dramatic video for their new single 'Rise Up Lights'

SPACE Scientists make new discovery as to why black holes release light through hot plasma gas

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MUSIC Rolo Tomassi return with a bang in their menacing new track 'Rituals'

NEWS UK launch petition calling for the government to legalize marijuana

SPACE Tom Delonge launches Aerospace company with ex CIA & Lockheed directors to develop exotic ufo technology

POLITICS Tories issue insulting statement saying unemployed will get support as they close Job centres

SCIENCE A new Swedish study shows spending just 72 hours in nature can reduce your stress levels by 70%

SCREEN ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’ looks set to be one of the most disturbing psychological thriller movies yet

POLITICS PM Theresa May writes open letter stating EU citizens living lawfully in the UK today will be able to stay

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TECH London to New York in 6 hours Paris to London in 28 minutes The future of transportation HYPERLOOP ONE

TECH IBM team up with MIT for new $240 Million Dollar AI Research Lab in Massachusetts

SCREEN ‘Patient Seventeen’ The surgeon who claims to remove Alien Nanotechnology implants from patients

SCREEN Terry & Deaner are back to GIVER more in the new TV launching on Viceland in FUBAR AGE OF COMPUTER

TECH Over half a million Japanese men are dating the same girl One has even married her but she’s not real

SPACE Elon Musk to build base on Mars by 2024 and reduce any flight time on Earth to under an hour

SPACE NASA’s new JWST will see further than Hubble and could witness the birth of the Universe

MUSIC TURBOWOLF are back with brand new magical rock and roll riffs and they sound as powerful as ever!

MUSIC Converge release new single ‘Reptilian’ AND the ‘Reptilian Limited Edition Pedal’

MUSIC Dregen from Backyard Babies to release a collection of signed limited edition artwork prints

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MUSIC Supergroup ‘Prophets of Rage’ release debut album and it’s a head banging political beast!

MUSIC Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Cancel Upcoming European Tour with Papa Roach

TECH ROCKSTAR GAMES finally release new trailer for RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Watch it here